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IVY Week involves a series of challenges encouraging students to reflect upon substance use and socializing. Our hope is to facilitate dialogue around Dartmouth habits and traditions regarding alcohol, drugs, and nightlife. The IVY Week activities prompt students to reflect upon their personal values so they can use those values to make choices regarding substance and social life intentionally rather than incidentally

 I.V.Y. Week





to engage in a series of "Challenges" that challenge our norms, perceptions, and behaviors around the role substances may play in our lives.

It's simple!
1) Pick a challenge
2) Try it out!
3) Track your points (and your thoughts!) on the Points Tracker form

Prizes will be given to the highest Chapter/Team/Individual points.

We invite



The Office of Greek Life, Student Wellness Center, and Greek Leadership Council challenge YOU to rethink the way you drink! 

  • THINK about the role you want substance and alcohol to play in your social life.

  • THINK about what "healthy" and "responsible" consumption looks like for you given your personal experiences and medical history. 

  • THINK about how much you want to consume in a night before going out to cut back on binging. 


  • THINK about the traditions and patterns of behavior you inherit from your Dartmouth predecessors: are they serving you and your values? 

THINK before your drink!!

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